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Schedule and manage appointments, automate appointment confirmations, turn missed calls into leads, remind follow-ups and recall customers.

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App Overview


Communication Tool

Provides you a business phone number that enables you to communicate with customers with 2-way texts and calls.

Appointment Scheduling

Enables you to create appointments over calls and public booking portal. Sends automated appointment texts to reduce no-shows.

Customer Management

Empowers you to save customer profiles, add notes and tags, create reminders and lookup customer visits histories.

Turn missed calls into leads

Missed Call SMS will automatically text a caller if their call goes unanswered. The SMS can be customized to allow your caller to finish booking through a public booking URL.

LeetCall allows you to set call and text forwardings, record and upload customized voicemail. All your communication histories are consolidated into one place.


Effortlessly connect with your customers

With LeetCall, you can create customer profiles, filter their visits histories and keep them come back by sending recall messages.

  • Always know customer context when you are speaking with customers over phone

  • Categorize customers with user defined tags

  • Create per customer reminders and show care

Acquire customers through online scheduling portal

All LeetCall users get a public booking portal through which their customers can finish booking online.

Appointments made through call and web share the same calendar so that you have all appointments maintained in one place.