LeetCall for dental offices?

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Health industry has stricter requirements on software security. Being HIPAA compliant makes LeetCall a good candidate to support the scheduling work of dental offices. From day one when we build LeetCall, we have treat data security and privacy as our highest concern. All data that is generated or flow through LeetCall is ensured to be secure.

Data at rest is protected with encryption. LeetCall saves data in databases in encrypted form. All related logs and backups are also encrypted. Even when LeetCall’s system is hampered by hackers, your data is still safe. Nobody would be able to read or consume the data without a valid key. Also the decryption key is kept in KMS (aka Key Management Service), which makes it almost impossible for hackers to gain accesses.

Data in transit is protected with TLS. All data links that go in and go out of LeetCall are TLS enforced. TLS protection reduced the risks that your data is exposed to third party while in transit.

All data links are TLS enforced

Download your data. At anytime, you can request to download all your data stored in LeetCall system, which includes contact/patient data, appointments data, text messages and photos. You can also request to erase all your data.

LeetCall works hard to ensure that our tool is secure enough that you can count on us to store your data.